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Eduardo VII Park

Local name: Parque Eduardo VII

Parque Eduardo VII is a 26 hectare public park, located in the center of Lisbon. Located on a hill, the park is a wonderful viewpoint with a vast panorama of the city. The park area is divided into three zones due to the unique species of plants and climatic zones in which they occur. Exhibitions, concerts and the annual Lisbon Book Fair are organized here.

The park was built in 1930. Due to the richness of vegetation, it is associated with the concept of a green museum. The greenhouses installed in it, with adjustable air temperature and light intensity, ensure the development of the most demanding plant species from all continents. In the unusual scenery of the lakes, fountains and statues, a sports pavilion, tennis court, gym, pool and restaurant are located here.

The name of the park refers to historical events. He was named after the King of England in honor of the Anglo-Portuguese alliance of 1902.


Attractions inside

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