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São Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint

Local name: Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

St. vantage point Peter's Alcantara in Lisbon offers an excellent view of the city center. The landscape can be admired from one of two terraces. On the upper terrace shaded by trees, there are benches, a telescope and infrastructure for tourists, e.g. kiosks, coffee and snack booths. In the center is a statue of Eduardo Coelho. An interesting attraction is the panel created from the azulejos tiles characteristic of Portugal, presenting the panorama that can be seen from the viewpoint. The sunniest lower terrace has a rose garden and a composition of sculptures related to Greek and Roman mythology. There are often performances by amateur artists. The terraces are connected to each other by stairs.

Terraces were built on the site of the nineteenth century garden of St. Peter of Alcantara. In their present shape, they were put into use in 2008. The Portuguese architect Agostinho da Silva dealt with their reconstruction.


Attractions inside

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