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The Aveiro District is located in the central part of the country and covers a wide belt along the coast. Its main attraction is the city of Aveiro and the neighboring saline lagoon.

The city of Aveiro is sometimes called the Portuguese Venice. Cut by canals, with numerous bridges, it impresses with picturesque buildings and long, colorful boats, moliceiros. Most houses were built in the Art Nouveau style and are decorated with azulejos mosaics.

Near the city stretches a salty lagoon, into which the Vouga River flows. The extensive estuary is a nesting place for birds. In addition, the lagoon has been used for salt extraction for centuries. The huge salinas can be visited during a boat trip from Aveiro.

The region's coast is flat and sandy. There are several dozen fishing villages and small resorts. The most famous are Costa Nova and Barra with colorful wooden houses and charming ports. Near Praia da Barra, you can see the highest lighthouse in Portugal.

The beaches are limited from the land side by sand dunes. The most beautiful can be found in the northern part of the coast, where they are protected by the São Jacinto nature reserve.

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