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Ship Museum St. Andrew

Local name: Navio-Museu Santo André

The exhibition on the ship was established on August 23, 2001, giving the Dutch ship a new life. Originally, Santo André served Portugal to catch cod, now it is to show the history of overseas fisheries, while also commemorating the people working on this vessel.

The Santo André ship was built in 1948 in the Netherlands. Modern for those times, the ship was 71.40 meters long and could contain up to 1000 tons of fish. After leaving the ship, the ship owner decided to transform the old ship into a museum for visitors.

The museum on the ship has become a real attraction of Ílhavo. It achieved rapid success, registering over one hundred thousand visitors in the gallery's 5 years of operation. From October to December 2006, the ship was renovated. After the renovation, the museum was reopened on January 13, 2007. It is worth visiting this place that stores sea memories and history.



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