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Church tower observation terrace

Local name: Taras widokowy na wieży kościelnej

Located inside: St. Elizabeth's Church

The 90-meter tall tower of St. Elizabeth's Church is one of the highest viewpoints in Wrocław. The observation terrace is located at around 75 m and gives an opportunity to admire the panorama of the city and even Śnieżka mountain during good weather. Getting there requires climbing narrow, spiral stairs consisting of over 300 steps.

St. Elizabeth's Church, also called Garnison Church, is a Gothic church from the beginning of the 14th century. In 1525, it was the first Silesian church taken over by Protestants. Four years later, because of the storm, the then wooden tented roof collapsed scattering its parts around the graveyard near the church. It is said that it was a punishment sent by God towards Protestants.


Attractions inside

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