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number 53 in the city

St. Elizabeth's Church

Local name: Bazylika św. Elżbiety

St. Elizabeth's Church in Wrocław attracts attention with its unique 91-meter tower with over 300 steps leading to the top. The tower can be accessed after buying a ticket. The panorama of Wrocław can be admired from the observation deck situated at 75 m. The church consists of "Mausoleum of the Memory of the Polish Underground State and the Home Army". Many events take place here such as international music concerts Wratislavia Cantans, Forum Musicum, liturgical ceremonies for soldiers, combatants, Civilian Archers’ Fraternity and other organizations in a gorgeous setting with the musical accompaniment of Guard of Honor and military orchestra.

The three-nave basilica consists of many Gothic pieces of art such as the sacramentary and choir stalls in the part of the presbytery, the early-Baroque altar, and the pulpit. The church is surrounded by chapels which interiors and side naves impress with wonderful examples of Silesian tomb sculptures, tomb monuments, and rich epitaphs dedicated to Wrocław's elites. The history of the church dates back to the Middle Ages and the 14th century but the current state of the building is mostly a result of the rebuilt with use of the most modern architectonic methods which was carried out after the fire in 1976.

St. Elizabeth's Church map
Świętej Elżbiety 1/250-001 Wrocław , Poland