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St. Anne's Church in Wilanów

Local name: Kościół św. Anny w Wilanowie

Located inside: Wilanów Palace

Neo-renaissance St. Anne's Church in Wilanów stands out with a beautiful facade with allegory of „Salvation” and four statues of saints. Inside there is a painting from the seventeenth century called „Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary”. Worthy of seeing are also side chapels with antique paintings, a floor made of Egyptian granite and tombs of Potoccy. A mammoth bone, which was found during excavations, that was carried out in the area, hangs in the temple

First wooden temple in the Wilanów area dates back to the fourteenth century and was situated on site of the current palace garden. Extension of the royal gardens caused the church to be moved to the current location, and in 1772, on initiative of the owner of the Wilanów, a small brick temple was built. It was a place, where, for the first time, a painting „Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary” founded by the granddaughter of Czartoryski that adorns the main altar until today, was placed. In 1857 a church was extended in the neo-renaissance style, what gave him two side aisles and two bell towers. A model for the new temple was a church of San Andrea in Mantua.

Temple building is completed by two chapels: Saint Anna and Blessed Virgin Mary – both full of beautiful paintings. Tombs of Potoccy, located in the second chapel, were moved there from the cemetery chapel. What's interesting is a floor made of granite panels in the front of the balustrade of the presbytery. The material for it was taken from the column of the Peace temple of Emperor Hadrian in Rome.

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