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Lanckoroński Collection

Local name: Kolekcja Lanckorońskich

Located inside: Royal Castle in Warsaw

The Lanckoronski collection is a rich collection of art from the 16th to 18th centuries, where the portrait of Rzewuski and Lanckoroński family and two authentic Rembrandt paintings are prominent. Private collection is considered to be the most outstanding in Europe. The gallery is presented on the ground floor of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Some of the outstanding works, collected by the family for about 200 years, were donated to the Royal Castle by the last representative of the family - Professor Karolina Lanckorońska. Besides the art department, he also received furniture, family memorabilia and a number of archives. The remaining part of the collection is located on the Wawel Castle. Rembrandt's famous portraits include "Girl in a Picture Frame" and "Scholar at the Desk" in the collection of the Royal Castle. With donations in private collections, the images were made available to the public.

Since 2011 the whole collection has been gathered in one place, in a specially arranged Lanckoronski Gallery. There are numerous works of European painting, including Dutch and Flemish, as well as ceramics, glass, gold and jewelery and a collection of miniatures.


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