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Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium

Local name: Planetarium Niebo Kopernika

Located inside: Copernicus Science Centre

Planetarium Heavens of Copernicus is a part of Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. It is at the forefront of such facilities in Europe. The building is equipped with a dome with a spherical screen with a diameter of up to 16 meters and a star projector capable of displaying up to 20 million stars. There are also six smaller digital projectors installed here, as well as a system of laser display equipment. The shows that are being shown here are suitable for many age groups.

The planetarium is also equipped with its own production studio, creating, among others, Fulldome movies designed for display on spherical screens. One of the most interesting  events organized here are concerts under the stars and "Jazz orbit" - which means sky shows accompanied by jazz or classical music concerts. What is also worth attending, are events called “Straight from the sky”. They consist of meetings with scientist and shows regarding the latest achievements of astronomy, astronautics and earth sciences.


Attractions inside

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    Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 2000-390 Warsaw , Poland