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Copernicus Science Center rooftoop garden

Local name: Ogród na dachu Centrum Nauki Kopernik

Located inside: Copernicus Science Centre

The roof garden of the Copernicus Science Center is a place where you can walk and admire the view of the Vistula River, the Old Town and the National Stadium. It is the second largest garden in Warsaw. He only exits the gardens of the Warsaw University Library.

The appearance of the Copernicus garden leads to an association with a riverside landscape that is gradually eroded. Most of the growing plants here are so-called xeromorphic species, meaning that they are adapted to living in difficult conditions with limited water. Among them are numerous succulents, such as spicy stew, as well as sage, cloves and California Yukka. Among them was the skylight, which resembled the appearance of the craters, between which were led the paths for tourists.


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    Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 2000-390 Warsaw , Poland