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Arkadia Park

Local name: Park Arkadia

One of the greatest parks in Mokotów is the historic Arkadia Park. It is divided into two parts - lower and upper. The latter offers a magnificent view, including the block of the classical palace of the Królikarnia. The Arkadia Park is a perfect complement to the entire Królikarnia complex, which makes this part of Warsaw even more charming.

Relaxing outdoors in the green is something you can never get enough of. You can find him in the Arkadia Park in Warsaw. Its upper part is located on the Skarpa Warszawska hill, while the lower part is at its foot. Arkadia Górna impresses with a view of Królikarnia and its surroundings. In Arkadia Dolna, you can take a close look at Arkadia Pond and Stawy pod Królikarniom. In addition, the park has a playground that will please the youngest residents of Warsaw.


Attractions inside

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