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Szwedzkie Skały

Local name: Szwedzkie Skały

Swedish Rocks (Thumpsa Felsen, Tumpsahütte) is a group of granite outliers reaching 880 m above sea level in the valley of the Myja stream. It consists of two towers about 30 m high, from whose peaks a panorama of the Silesian Ridge of the Giant Mountains and the Chojnik Castle are visible. Swedish Rocks are a valued climbing object.

A few hundred meters upstream of the Swedish Rocks, there are two further rock towers: at an altitude of 928 m above sea level, 7 m high Pole (Hauselstein), followed by the Zamczysko (Das alte Schloss, Altes Schloss) at an altitude of about 1000 m above sea level. From Zamczyska stretches there is a view of the Karkonosze Foothills and Sucha Góra.

The Myja stream flowing in the vicinity of the Swedish Rocks is a watercourse less than 5 km long. It flows on granite, creating numerous waterfalls. The largest of them, Kaskada, 5 m high, is located south of the town of Przesieka.



Szwedzkie Skały map
Przesieka, Poland