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Hotel Bazar

Local name: Hotel Bazar

Hotel Bazar is one of the symbols of Poznań. It was built in 1839, and was the headquartes of many Polish organizations. From its balcony, Ignacy Jan Paderewski spoke in 1918, which contributed to the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising. The renovated, neo-Baroque building nowadays has commercial and service functions.

In 1838, the "Bazar" Joint-Stock Company had been established in Poznań. Its founders included Polish social activists and entrepreneurs. The company was supposed to help in the development of bussiness and also to support Polish culture. The building of "Bazar" was built a year later. Its ground floor was occupied by service places and shops. Above there used to be club rooms and hotel rooms.

In December 1918, Ignacy Jan Paderewski had come to Poznań. From the balcony of "Bazar" he gave a speech. It became the direct cause of the outbreak of the only successful Polish uprising, called Greater Poland Uprising. During the interwar period, the building was primarily a luxurious hotel with a higly praised restaurant. After World War II, the Orbis Hotel was located there.

Since 1990, the owner of the building has been Bazar Company, which continues the traditions of the 19th-century predecessor. The building has undergone a major renovation. On the ground floor there is a shopping mall with luxurious boutiques, and above the restaurant and conference rooms. The high-class hotel arranging is coming to an end. The building regained its former splendor. The monumental neo-Baroque facade with a triangular tympanum, two quadrangular towers, and pilasters draws attention to the shape of hotel.


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