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Architecture center Aorta

Local name: Architectuurcentrum Aorta

The Aorta Architectuurcentrum is an independent platform for designing the living environment in Utrecht. As part of engaging residents and tourists in its activities, AORTA organizes a tour of the Dutch city. During the tours, we will see the beauty of modern architecture and urban development, and hear the history of Utrecht from the lips of urban planning experts.

Together with the guides, we will discover curiosities in the field of architectural history, learn about modern pearls in the historic center or the iconic buildings at The Uithof - Scientific Park in Utrecht. Guided tours are very diverse: from small to large groups, from interesting tourists to students of urban architecture, from hiking to cycling.

Booking such a trip is best done online, we can then specify the length of the tour we are interested in and the places we want to visit: from the modern Stadskantoor to the historic houses of Kidstour, which is a collection of old houses.



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Kanaalweg 643527 KX Utrecht, Netherlands