White House

Local name: Witte Huis

Witte Huis is the name of a characteristic building in Rotterdam. It was designed in the Art Nouveau style by Willem Molenbroek and built in 1898 on the model of American office skyscrapers. Witte Huis has 10 floors and a height of 43 meters - on the day of its creation it was the tallest building in Europe.

Placing Witte Huis caused a lot of problems - high costs, changes in the shape of the base of the structure, and even collapsing of neighboring buildings. Although no consent was given for the construction of flats in Witte Huis, there was created space for offices and workshops.

It was an extremely modern building for its time - inside was a gas and electric installation, telephone exchange and even two elevators. It was also solidly created - as one of the few buildings in Rotterdam it survived the German bombing during World War II. At the summit of Witte Huis, persevering visitors will enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the viewing platform.



White House map
Geldersekade 13011 WZ Rotterdam, Netherlands