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The Kaunas district occupies the central part of Lithuania. Its most important attraction is the city of Kaunas, which in the interwar period served as the capital of the country. In turn, the picturesque areas of the Nemunas Valley are a good place for active tourism.

The capital of the district, Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania in terms of size and importance. Its origins date back to the fourteenth century, and monuments match the capital of the country. The ruins of a medieval castle, cathedral and several monastery complexes date from the earliest period of the city's functioning. A great example of urban construction is the Gothic Perkuna House. Kaunas is also known for the magnificent Baroque Camaldolese monastery in Pożajście, which is the largest monastery building in Lithuania.

In addition to Kaunas, Kiejdany, which was the seat of the Radziwiłł family, is of great touristic significance. Their palace was blown up by the Red Army in 1944, but a Renaissance church with the Radziwiłł's crypt and a wooden Baroque church of St. Joseph. In the city you can also see three synagogues, the oldest of which was built in the seventeenth century, the building of the Junior High School and the Gothic church of St. George.

Birnamany is located on the Nemunas, the second most important spa in Lithuania next to Druskininkai. There are numerous sanatoriums here, and the surrounding pine forests are perfect for walking and hiking. A very picturesque place is also the city of Wilki lying on the hills above the Nemunas.

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