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Naxos is the largest city of the island of the same name. It is situated on a hill on the seafront and has attractive beaches in the vicinity.

Naxos' mythical origins are associated with Theseus. On the small islet of Palatia on the shore of the island, he was to abandon Ariadne on his return from Crete. In the ancient times, thriving trade centers developed here, maintaining ties with mainland Greece. The remaining relics can be seen in the Archaeological Museum.

The biggest attraction of Naxos and its most characteristic landmark is Portara - the gate of the Temple of Apollo standing on the islet of Palatia. The island is connected to the city by an artificial dike and is a popular destination for walks.

The walls of the Venetian fortress Kastro rise above the buildings of the city. It was the seat of the governors of the Cyclades. Among the buildings you can also find the Ursuline Convent from the 17th century and numerous historic houses.

The port of Naxos serves both tourists and local fishermen. Excursions to the islands of the Little Cyclades are organized from here. There are also many cafes and taverns in the vicinity of the port that are vibrant with life until late at night.

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