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Oia Town

Local name: Οία

The picturesque town stretches for almost 2 km along the caldera, i.e. the depression of the volcano summit, on the island of Santorini. The city's architecture is largely traditional, and its charm is added by the fact that almost all buildings are painted white with blue accents.

When going on a city tour, it's worth remembering that they were built on a slope, which means walking along narrow and steep streets. At the top there are ruins of a former fort and a windmill. Palia and Nea Kameni volcanoes and the island of Therasia can be seen from here. A little lower you can see houses and restaurants picturesquely built into rock niches and caves formed in the cliffs.

There are several theories why all the houses are painted white here. The first is for aesthetic reasons. According to another, this is due to the period when Greece was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The Greeks were not allowed then to use the white flag or flag, so as part of the rebellion they painted the entire town that color.


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