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Archaeological Site of Delos

Local name: Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Δήλου

The archaeological site on the island includes not only the temple complex of Apollo and Artemis, but also the remains of the port and trading town that have developed around it. They are one of the most important excavations in Greece, and since 1990 they are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The island can only be reached by sea. Most of the sailings depart from Mykonos. Currently, the island is not inhabited, only teams of archaeologists working on excavations are stationed there.

The islet is the legendary birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. It was them that was dedicated to the huge temple complex. In its center was the sacred district, 180 m long and 150 m wide, surrounded by a wall and porticoes. There were three temples dedicated to Apollo and two temples dedicated to Artemis.

Archaeological Site of Delos map
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