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number 28 in the city

Victory Gate

Local name: Siegestor

Siegestor, or the Victory Gate, was erected in 1850 on the order of King Louis I of the Triumphal Arch in honor of the Bavarian Army, modeled on the Arch of Constantine in Rome. Its culmination is the personification of Bavaria, which drives a quadriga pulled by lions - the whole weighs about 20 tons. The author of the gate design is Friedrich von Gärtner, whose death was completed by his student Eduard Metzger.

Sigerstor has numerous decorations on the facade - reliefs depicting battle scenes and genre scenes. Several sculptors worked on the decoration of the gate, including Friedrich Brugger (created the figure of Bavaria) and Johann von Halbig (he was responsible for the execution of lions). Halbig, a supporter of realism and naturalism, was considered a specialist in the representation of lions.

Siegestor was seriously damaged during the bombing of Munich at the end of World War II. It was rebuilt in 1958, and the quadriga returned to its place in 1972.


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