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Old Botanical Garden

Local name: Alter Botanischer Garten

The Old Botanical Garden in Munich covers an area of approx. 4 ha and is now a public park. The garden is decorated with a neoclassical entrance portal, a memorial stone for the first direct transmission of electricity, and the Neptune Fountain.

The Botanical Garden was created in 1804 - 1812 according to the plans of landscape architect Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell. In the mid-nineteenth century, a glass palace was built on the occasion of the International Industrial Exhibition in Munich, but was destroyed as a result of a large fire. Later on there was an ice rink.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the New Botanical Garden was created in the gardens of the Nymphenburg Palace, and the Old Botanical Garden lost its importance and in 1937 it was transformed into a park. New investments were created at that time: the Neptune fountain in the center of the complex and the historicist style cafe, today's Park Café and a small exhibition building. Numerous exotic trees remind the original function of the Old Botanical Garden.


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