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Hunting and Fishing Museum

Local name: Jagd- und Fischereimuseum

The German Museum of Hunting and Fishing in Munich is located in the former church of St. Augustine. We will find here, among others collections of wild animals, including the Irish giant deer and the cave bear. An interesting fact is the collection of wolpercist, the legendary hybrid animal supposedly inhabiting the Bavarian Alpine forests.

The museum presents the history of hunting and fishing. Here you can see numerous hunting weapons, fishing equipment, hunting sleighs and other accessories from different eras. Products from local freshwater fish were placed here. The museum also presents nature dioramas, antler collections.

The "Water World - Fish Stories" exhibition was organized here. Temporary exhibitions are also presented here. The German Museum of Hunting and Fisheries in Munich was founded in 1938, and since 1958 it is in its current location, in the former church of St. Augustine.


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    Neuhauser Straße 280331 Munich , Germany