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Local name: Leopoldstraße

The Leopolda street in Munich is a continuation of Louis I Boulevard, north of the Victory Gate. There is a shopping and entertainment street, in its southern part there are numerous cafes. It crosses the Maxvorstadt, Schwabing and Milbertshofen districts and the Mittlerer Ring. It is a boulevard about 3.6 km long, with tall trees on both sides.

Leopolda Street in 1891 was named after Prince Leopold Bavarian, son of the late Prince Regent Luitpold Bavarian. In 1962, Leopolda Street was the scene of a riot in the Schwabinger district. Especially at the southern end of the road, historic buildings have been preserved.

There are the Tyumphal Arch, the Academy of Arts, Leopold Park, Ludwig Maximilin University, the Nymphenburg Biedersteiner Canal, Petuelpark, the sculpture The Walking Man of the Artist Jonathan Borofsky, the villa of Lola Montez, the mistress of Ludwig I, which is currently used by university student unions and the house of Dülfer .


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    Leopoldstraße Munich , Germany