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St. Leonhard's Church

Local name: St. Leonhardskirche

Leonhardskirche is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to St. Leonardo, built in 1219 in the layout of the late Romanesque basilica, and then rebuilt in accordance with the principles of the Gothic style. The temple is considered a pearl of medieval architecture - it has partly preserved frescoes, magnificent stained glass windows and vaults, which are a show of the highest craftsmanship of the fifteenth-century builders.

The current appearance of the temple was obtained during the reconstruction of 1434, while the equipment is mostly nineteenth-century. The first losses arose at the end of the 18th century, when Napoleon's soldiers plundered the temple. The destruction was completed by a fire from 1867 and renovation started in 1881, during which many medieval frescoes were painted.

From the original, Romanesque building, the main portal has been preserved, dated to 1220, depicting St. Leonardo in the company of St. George and the Mother of God. St. Leonard of Limognes (559-620) was one of the most popular saints of the Catholic Church in Western Europe.


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