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Shopping Center MyZeil

Local name: Shopping Center MyZeil

The MyZeil shopping center was opened in 2009 and was visited by over a million people in the first two weeks. On an area of almost 8 ha and six floors, there are 100 commercial and service premises as well as a rich recreational and gastronomic structure. A characteristic feature of the building is the original roof structure, which consists of glass panes of various sizes and textures.

The building has the largest self-supporting escalator in Europe. They are over 42 meters long, and the journey between the ground floor and the fourth floor takes 120 seconds.

The building is part of the PalaisQuartier building complex. The author of the design was the Italian architect Massimiliano Fukas. His work has been recognized by ICSC for its unique architecture and urban qualities, with particular emphasis on the roof structure that allows the distribution of sufficient natural light to all levels of the mall.


Attractions inside

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    Zeil 10660313 Frankfurt am Main , Germany