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Liebieg House

Local name: Liebieghaus

The Liebieghaus Sculpture Museum was opened in the first half Of the 20th century. The collection is dedicated to over 5000 years of sculpture history, beginning with antiquity, and ending with Rococo and Classicism. The museum proudly presents such unique exhibits as the best preserved Roman copy of the famous statue of the goddess Athena by the Greek sculptor Myron, or the Altar of Rimini. The sculptures are also displayed in the surrounding garden.

The building was built at the end of the 19th century at the request of the Czech fabric producer Baron Heinrich von Liebieg. The design of the villa, which was to be a retirement home for the entrepreneur, was made by Munich architect Leonhard Romeis. In his will, Heinrich granted the city the opportunity to buy property on preferential terms, provided that it was designated for museum purposes. At that time, there were over 350 works of art in Liebieghaus.

Currently, the museum's collections contain over 3,000 exhibits. The collection was built mainly thanks to donations and is universal.


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