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Jewish Museum

Local name: Museum Judengasse

Jewish Museum / Museum Judengasse is the oldest museum in Germany dedicated to the history of Jews. It was opened on November 9, 1988, on the 50th anniversary of the Crystal Night - the ribbon was cut by the then Federal Chancellor, Helmut Kohl. The museum documents and disseminates testimonies to the centuries-old presence of Jews in Germany and their contribution to the economic and cultural development of Frankfurt.

The permanent exhibition is exhibited in two places: The Judengasse Museum focuses on the period from the arrival of Jews to today's Germany around the 4th century, up to the 19th century; The Jewish Museum continues the historical narrative from 1800 to modern times. The museum has a rich collection of ritual objects, works of art and family documents. Among the latter, the most numerous exhibits relate to the Rothschild family and Anne Frank.

The first Jewish museum in Frankfurt was opened in 1922. It was completely destroyed and looted in 1938 by national socialists. of Jewish antiques, only individual exhibits were saved.


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