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number 27 in the city

Galeria Kaufhof

Local name: Galeria Kaufhof

It is one of the 96 shopping centers of the Kaufhof chain in the country. The gallery area in Frankfurt is 24,000 square meters. There is a palm garden with a fountain and restaurants with a city view.

The gallery has a long-term sustainable development strategy based on activities that have a real impact on customers. Thanks to this, visitors can take advantage of almost 20 brands of their own chains, producing goods in accordance with the highest quality standards and environmental protection.

The network also has a rich offer addressed mainly to foreign tourists - it accepts payments with foreign credit cards, offers tax-free services and purchases, currency selection and provides support for multilingual staff.

The facility also has showrooms marked with the Dream Concept program. These are special rooms with a wide selection of shoes, bags and cosmetics of all world brands. Therefore, every woman can not only try on luxury gadgets in one place, but also take advantage of the individual advice of salon staff.


Attractions inside

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