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Archaeological Museum Frankfurt

Local name: Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt

The Archaeological Museum was founded in 1937 and deals with research, documentation and presentation of archaeological finds in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. The museum's collections include unique historical artifacts depicting the daily life of the Paleolithic culture of hunter-gatherers, the first neolithic farmers and Germanic tribes. The pearl of the object is the orient collection with ancient Iranian excavations.

To make the tour more attractive, the museum has prepared an amazing archaeological garden, in which you can find representatives of three eras: the walls of the Roman military camp, a palace from the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries, and medieval cellars of middle-class houses.

The museum's seat is the restored former Carmelite church and a modern building by the architect Josef Paul Kleihues. The facility runs a wide educational program for preschool and school children.


Attractions inside

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    Karmelitergasse 160311 Frankfurt am Main , Germany