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Toy Museum

Local name: Muzeum hraček

The Toy Museum presents collections from the private collection of Milady Kollárovej. The exhibition is divided into parts for girls and boys. The oldest of the exhibits are about 100 years old. There are dolls, dollhouses, theaters, mascots, board games, cars, musical instruments, music boxes, balls and many more.

The museum is located on two floors of the Měnín Gate. The toys collected by the collector have their own stories that can be found in the descriptions and stories of the guide. They show how fashions and customs have changed in children's games. In addition to a large collection of dolls and teddy bears, you can see here mechanical trains, vehicle models showing the development of the automotive industry, mechanical toys, driven by human power, as well as a collection of crayons and other plastic accessories.


Attractions inside

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    Měnínská 7602 00 Brno , Czechia