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Burgas is the most important tourist and administrative center of the southern part of the Bulgarian coast. A seaside resort with nice beaches and a mineral spa boasts a beautiful Seaside Park and interesting museums.

Burgas was founded on the site of the medieval fortress Pirgos in the 17th century. The local mineral waters were already known in ancient times, but they began to be exploited for good in the 18th century. Today the most important spa is the Burgas Mineral Baths located outside the city center. Respiratory, digestive and rheumatic diseases are treated here.

The most important place where the paths of everyone coming to Burgas cross is the local seaside park. It is located on the beach, near the pier, and in its area there is, among others amphitheater, where the famous International Folklore Festival takes place every year.

Most of the monuments of Burgas come from the period from the 17th to the 20th century and these are mainly churches. Built in a style reminiscent of Byzantine buildings, they are richly decorated with mosaics and polychromes. There are also interesting museums, historical with a collection of ancient exhibits, ethnographic, in which you can see a collection of folk costumes and traditional craft products, as well as scientific and natural.

The area around Burgas is famous for its beautiful beaches and charming landscapes on the other. Vineyards grow on the slopes of the hills, and there are also three lagoon lakes, Atanasowskie, Burgaskie and Mandrenskie.

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