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Ravadinovo Castle

Local name: Замък Равадиново

The picturesque castle was built in 1996 as a private property of Georgia Tumpalova. It houses an art gallery, games room and a chapel. The building is adjoined by stables, a wine cellar and a zoo. The residence is surrounded by a park with a lake, waterfalls and fountains. You can see, among others, a replica of the Roman Trevi Fountain. There are also numerous bridges and stone and marble statues.

The architecture of the castle is a mixture of different techniques and styles. 20 thousand tons of marble limestone were used for its construction, which changes shades depending on the time of day. The towers are decorated with elements of copper and brass, and the walls are covered with ivy. In 2013, this fairy-tale scenery was used by a Hollywood film crew - some scenes for the movie “Sleeping Beauty. Expedition ”directed by Casper Van Dien.


Attractions inside

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