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Sozopol Old Town

Local name: Созопол - Старият град

The Old Town is situated on the rocky Skamniy peninsula. There are over 180 residential buildings in its area, representing original architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. They are an example of the Bulgarian Renaissance style popular at that time in the country. They usually have two or three storeys and small courtyards.

Among the narrow cobbled streets you can see houses made of stone and wood, now housing cafes, restaurants and shops. Some of the restored buildings have been transformed into hotels, art galleries and museums. It is worth visiting, among others "Dom Marieta Stefanova", "Dom Creanoolu" or "Dom Todor Zagorova".

Part of the old city walls and the watchtower were restored. The walls run along the seaside promenade. In spring and summer, bar and restaurant gardens are displayed in the squares and streets. You can also meet local artists here.


Attractions inside

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    улица „Морски скали" 138130 Sozopol , Bulgaria