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Children's Museum experience Schloss Schönbrunn

Local name: Kindermuseum Schloss Schönbrunn erleben

Located inside: Schonbrunn Palace

The Schönbrunn Palace Children's Museum offers unique experiences to the youngest guests of the Palace. The museum is adapted to the needs and interests of children, so instead of static exhibitions, it suggests exploring the realities of the Habsburg court through fun and active participation in various activities.

As part of the Children's Museum, little guests have at their disposal twelve beautifully decorated rooms in the west wing of the palace. Here they can play the role of princesses and princes, trying on baroque costumes and wigs, as well as learn the secret language of fans. In addition, they will learn how aristocratic children were raised, how they spent their time, how they played and what toys they had.

The Children's Museum also organizes cyclical dance classes, during which children and young people can learn to dance the cadrill, the court dance very fashionable in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries at European courts.


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