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Tynecastle Stadium

Tynecastle Stadium after the reconstruction from 2016-2017 has 20 thousand. places. The largest attendance in the history of the stadium was recorded on February 13, 1932, when 53 396 spectators watched the match in the Scottish Cup. The first match was played here on April 10, 1886. Currently, Tynecastle Stadium is the club facility of Heart of Midlothian FC

After World War II, for security reasons, the stadium's capacity was gradually reduced - to 49,000. places in the 1950s, then to 30,000, and after reconstruction in 2005 to 17,420 places. Currently the stadium has 20,099 chairs.

The limitation of the number of stadium seats was the result of particularly restrictive safety regulations introduced after the tragic events at Ibrox Park (Glasgow) in 1971 and Hillsborough (Sheffield) in 1989, in which a total of 162 people were killed.


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