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Edinburgh International Climbing Arena

The Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is a climbing hall which, when it opened in 2003, was the largest of its kind in the world. It was located in a former quarry, at the bottom of an excavation approximately 30 m deep. It consists of three large artificial climbing walls with 11,000 cubic meters of space. tricks. Excellent conditions for bouldering have also been created here.

EICA offers around 300 routes with difficulty levels ranging from 2 to 8B - according to the French scale, this means a range from very simple routes for beginners to almost the highest level of difficulty, intended for professionals. Bouldering boulders offer an equally wide range of difficulty - from V0 to V15 (American scale).

The two main climbing walls are identical, which allows you to organize a competition in fast climbing. The third wall is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of inclination, and thus the degree of difficulty of the wall.


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