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Donnington Castle

Donnington Castle is the ruins of a medieval fortress located in the small village of Donnington. It was built by Richard Abberbury in 1386. A four-story building has been preserved to this day. The so-called Gate House is recognized as one of the greatest examples of military architecture of the fourteenth century in England.

During the first English civil war, the royalist Sir John Boys took command of the castle. Under his command, the castle crew withstood the 18-month siege. After the garrison finally surrendered, Parliament voted to demolish the castle in 1646.

It is believed that the castle ruins are haunted by several different ghosts. One of them is the ghost of a guard who is to appear in the gate and rooms on the first floor. He is sometimes confused with one of the guides who wear period costumes. Several witnesses claimed to have seen the ghosts of the soldiers and the Green Lady asking them why the castle gates were not closed.


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