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Stockholm Tramway Museum

Local name: Stockholms Spårvägsmuseum

Stockholm Transport Museum founded around 1920 by the owner of the tram company, captain Ernst Hjortzberg. In the last years of his work, Hjortzberg began collecting items related to the nineteenth-century tram traffic in Stockholm. Today, the museum shows us in an educational and exciting way the importance of local movement in the Swedish capital.

The museum was initially intended only for the use of the company's employees, it was not until 1922 that the museum hall was opened and this date is considered to be the start of the Stockholms Spårvägsmuseum. However, it was not until 1944 that the building became available to visitors from the outside. Inside, you'll find an exhibition of vehicles and several other attractions, including an old metro station that serves as an exhibition hall for the works of Swedish art school graduates. It is worth paying attention to the oldest and largest exhibit at the permanent exhibition: one of the first horse-drawn trams from 1877 is located here.


Attractions inside

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    Tegelviksgatan 22116 41 Stockholm , Sweden