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Maestro Balcells Gardens

Local name: Jardins del Mestre Balcells

Jardins del Mestre Balcells in Barcelona is a small public park dedicated to the memory of the famous Catalan composer Joan Balcells and Garcia. Visitors can see a bronze sculpture made in tribute to the master, by Rafael Solanich. Along the alleys there are beautiful specimens of Canary Island palms.

The park has a recreational space with benches and a ping-pong table, as well as a playground for children. There is also an area for pets.

Garcia and Juan Balcells was a composer of choral and opera music and the founder of the Orfeó Gracienc choral association. He created, among others works for mixed voices, such as: "Piosenki Młodzieńcze" and "Around the Flag". He is the author of the anthem Orfeó Gracienc. As a child he was a student of Antoni Nicolau and Eusebi Daniel.


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