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Chapel of St Lucia

Local name: Capella de Santa Llúcia

Located inside: Barcelona's Cathedral

Capella de Santa Llúcia (Chapel of Saint Lucia) dates from the 13th century and represents the late Romanesque style. Inside, there are two sarcophagi: the bishop of Arnau de Gurba from the 13th century and the canon Francesca de Santa Coloma from the 14th century. Attention is drawn to the portal with four archivolts (richly decorated with arches) and columns, and a picture of the tympanum by Joan Llimon.

In the chapel you can also see the tombstone of the knight Jaufred of Santa Coloma. A small belfry with two bells towers above the main entrance. The portal, according to the assumptions of Romanesque art, is to symbolize the journey towards eternity.

The chapel once belonged to the Episcopal Palace, was erected at the request of Bishop Arnaua de Gurb. Originally, her patron was the Holy Virgin. However, in 1296, it was dedicated to Saint. Łucja, a carer for people who are blind and have vision problems.


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