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Slovak National Theatre

Local name: Slovenské národné divadlo

The Old Building of the Slovak National Theater is located in the Old Town of Bratislava. It is an eclectic, monumental building built in the years 1885-1886. In front of the theater there is a fountain with a figure of the Greek hero Ganymede.

The Theater building in Bratislava was built for Hungarian and Austrian theaters at the end of the 19th century. In 1920 it was taken over by the Slovak National Theater. In 2007 he moved to a new building on the Danube. Today, mainly the ballet and the national opera perform in the Old Town.

The audience of the nineteenth-century theater can seat about 1,000 guests. The interiors are richly decorated with stucco and frescoes. The eclectic building designed by Viennese architects has a front projection with a main entrance. It is covered by a hemisphere, and in the upper part of the walls you can see busts of writers.


Attractions inside

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