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Oriental Museum

Local name: Museu do Oriente

The Orient Museum documents the centuries-old presence of Portuguese in East Asia. It is a testimony of cultural contacts that influenced both local culture and the culture of Portugal. Two collections of several dozen thousand items are shown here. The first is exhibits proving the Portuguese presence in Asia, while the second focuses on Asian religions.

The museum was founded in 2008. Its main purpose is to show the influence that Portuguese culture and distant Asia had on each other. Two exhibitions are presented at the Museum. The first of them is a collection of sculptures, paintings, painted screens, jewelry, dishes, furniture and costumes showing the culture that the first Portuguese colonizers of those areas encountered. Particularly large is the collection of Japanese nanban screens, which depict scenes from the arrival of missionaries to Japan or trade with the Portuguese. There are also items connecting both civilizations, such as the altar of Saint Joseph finished with Japanese ornaments.

The second exhibition is called Kwok On, from the name of its founder. It is a collection of all artifacts, sculptures, graphics, liturgical items related to the religions of Asia - Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam in their various varieties.


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