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Lx Factory

Local name: Lx Factory

Lx Factory is a cultural and commercial complex located in former former factory areas near the 25 April Bridge. In the former factory premises there are restaurants, cafes, shops with handicrafts, furniture and clothes, photo studios and an art studio.

The textile factories Companhia de Fiacao e Tecidos Lisbonense were founded in 1846. They operated until 2007, when the last halls were abandoned. The area of the former plant was included in the revitalization program. Thanks to this, an artistic district was created, in which music, theater, crafts and good food rule.

Service premises were separated in former factory halls. Restaurants, shops and craft shops rent them. All are characterized by original design and attention to original recipes and methods of making items. Modern kitchen reigns here, light drinks, hand-made decorations and clothes, as well as music. There are many music events, concerts, performances and meetings with creators of culture.


Attractions inside

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