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Bridge of 25th of April

Local name: Ponte 25 de Abril

The Hanging Bridge on April 25 connects the two banks of the Tagus River. It runs over the Alcântara district connecting it with the Almada district on the southern bank of the river. The red bridge is a landmark on the map of Lisbon. The current name of the bridge has been in force since 1974 and refers to the Carnation Revolution. Formerly the structure was called the Antonio Salazar Bridge - the dictator who ordered its construction.

The bridge was put into use in 1966. In 1999 a railway level was added, where there are two electrified railway tracks. There is a six-lane highway on the upper level. It is considered the 27th longest suspension bridge in the world. Its total length is 2 277 meters. Due to its design, it is often compared with the Golden Gate bridge located in San Francisco. The bridge was built by the American Bridge Company.


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    Ponte 25 de Abril Lisbon , Portugal