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National Coach Museum

Local name: Museu Nacional dos Coches

Museu Nacional dos Coches is the National Automobile Museum located in the Belem district of Lisbon. The museum's collection is the world's largest collection of historical carriages. The collected vehicles are valuable exhibits from the end of the 16th century to the 19th century, made in Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria and England. Museu Nacional dos Coches is one of the most visited museums in Lisbon.

The Automobile Museum was opened in 1905 on the initiative of Queen Amelia, who gathered a rich collection of carriages belonging to the Portuguese royal family and aristocracy. The Museum exhibition is not just vehicles; the museum's collection also includes a wide selection of clothing, accessories and decorative items used in the automotive industry, as well as exhibits related to the art of knightly and riding. There are also portraits of the Portuguese royal family.

The museum's impressive collection, which takes up a lot of space, is constantly growing; part of the museum's collection is housed in a palace in Vila Viçosa in the south of Portugal.


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