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Maritime Museum

Local name: Museu de Marinha

Museu de Marinha - Naval Museum in the tourist area of Lisbon - Belem is one of the best and most visited museums in Portugal. The profile of the museum is related to the history of navigation in Portugal. The exhibits include original ships used in Portugal since the 15th century, including galleys, Olympic sailboats and a seaplane, as well as archaeological finds, uniforms, navigation instruments, maps.

The area that the museum occupies extends over 50,000 square meters, of which 16,050 sq m is intended for permanent exhibition, which shows Portugal's strong links with the sea and includes models of Welsh, river boats, ships and weapons.

The museum was opened in 1963, and its precursor was King Louis, a lover of oceanographic research, who, gathering objects related to Portugal's maritime history since 1863, gave rise to a rich collection. Currently, the museum occupies part of the Neo-Celine west wing of the Jeronimos Monastery and a modern outbuilding north of the monastery. The facility is managed by the Portuguese Navy.

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Praça do Império 1400-206 Lisbon , Portugal