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number 141 in the city

Martim Moniz Square

Local name: Praça Martim Moniz

Martim Moniz Square is sometimes called the most multicultural place in Lisbon. Surrounded by tenements from various eras, mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries, it is the seat of restaurants and shops from Asia and Africa.

The square is named after the medieval knight Martim Moniz. Currently, it is a meeting place often visited by the inhabitants of Lisbon. Small live concerts are held here, DJs are playing, and people are resting at the tables sipping refreshing drinks.

The area around the square is inhabited by people from India, Pakistan, Turkey and African countries. There is an African Mouraria Shopping Center, where you can get dried fruit, African vegetables and spices, and Indian and Chinese shops. Around the square and the adjacent streets you can eat Asian and African cuisine, including Chinese, Pakistani, Moroccan or Vietnamese.


Attractions inside

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    Praça Martim Moniz 191100-074 Lisbon , Portugal