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Aurelia Gold Mine

Local name: Kopalnia Złota Aurelia

The tourist route in the former Aurelia gold mine is about 100 m adit in the diabazalt rock, where you can see iron ore infiltrates and look into one of the side pavements. Sightseeing is an extreme adventure, requiring squeezing through narrow, narrow and often low corridors. Protective helmets are required during the tour.

The adit has specific conditions, low temperature around 8 degrees and high humidity. After the trip, you can relax at the covered table and enjoy the delicacies from the brick barbecue. A playground has been prepared for children, and a special trough for rinsing gold for amateurs of exploring gold.

Forged in the 17th century under the mountain of St. Mikołaj's mine has many secrets, especially since some of its corridors were deliberately filled up during World War II. To this day, they are slowly unearthed and explored, and in the future will become another tourist attraction.