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#1807  Poland

Zamość Chess Museum

Local name: Muzeum Szachy Świata

The Zamość Museum is a place where you can see one of the most beautiful chess collections from around the world, with around 250 exhibits. They were made not only from traditional wood, but also from metals, stones, lava, and even from bread and chocolate.

The exhibition also presents other exhibits documenting the history of this royal game. The chess exhibition is presented at the "Stylowy" Film Culture Center in Zamość, and the beginnings of the collection collected here are associated with the private collections of Magdalena Proć-Czochra, which made them available to the public. The exhibition includes sets of figures from such exotic countries as Malaysia, China, Japan and Mongolia. In addition to the figures, the secrets of the game and its history are revealed by photographs collected here, publications on chess from the 19th century, as well as many other artifacts.

Chess is a game with a very long history, due to the high intellectual requirements set for players included in the entertainment of kings and sages. You can get to know the characters of famous players, their tactics or great chess fraud by visiting this unique exhibition.



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Odrodzenia 922 Zamość, Poland