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Town Hall in Zamość

Local name: Ratusz w Zamościu

Zamojski Town Hall is a beautiful ornament of the Market Square, dominated by its high tower with a clock. The building still retains its original functions, serving the municipal authorities. It also houses the Zamość Tourist Information Center that runs the "Ratusz (Town Hall)" Photo Gallery. In summer, you can listen to the bugle-call played from the balcony.

The Town Hall building dates back to the 16th century and was designed in the mannerist-baroque style, which means rich decorations of the facade and numerous finishing details. In the 18th century the building was slightly rebuilt, expanding the left part by 130 cm. Despite this change, the town hall still looks almost perfectly symmetrical. The advantage of the building is also a 52-meter high tower and a magnificent, two-wing staircase leading to the main entrance.

An interesting story is connected with the Town Hall. Every summer day at noon on the balcony of the tower appears a trumpeter playing the Zamość bugle-call on three sides of the world. This is related to the whim of the founder of the city Jan Zamojski, who did not sympathize with Kraków and forbade the trumpeter to play the bugle-call in its direction.


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